Ear Piercing

We use Studex System 75 which has been manufactured to FDA medical device standards in the USA. It is safe, gentle and hygienic, benefitting from a sterile touch operation.
Our therapists are fully trained by the Studex approved training programme to offer you a hygienic and safe ear piercing service with a range of earrings to choose from and full after care advice. 

Treatment   Price
Ear Piercing from 2 years of age (price does not include earrings, we have a wide range available starting from £5.00)   £25.00

After Care: Our therapists will offer you all the advice needed to ensure that your ear piercings are free from complications. Post-piercing complications are almost always caused due to poor after-care procedures. For a trouble-free healing processes, all customers should follow our after care advice.
Please Note: Children under 18 will need the consent of a parent or guardian and be accompanied by an adult.